I have the following problem: I use the mdframed package for text boxes. If I use 99-66 quotation marks „...“ in my markdown editor and render a PDF with pandoc in normal text everything's fine, but in textboxes I get this: „...``

I use utf-8 as inputenc, so as I understood the csquotes package isn't necessary. Anyway I testet with csquotes, it makes no difference at all.

Any hints how to fix it?

Thanks Andreas

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    Would it be possible to show us the generated LaTeX code so we can have a look. Naively I would have thought mdframed should not mess with your quotation marks? (csquotes is also very useful if you use utf8 inputenc, but it has special commands/macros you have to use instead of the normal quotation marks characters, so simply loading it without using its macros or setting up some of its auto-quote features won't change anything) – moewe Mar 25 at 16:40
  • Your comment leads me to a solution: I use \newfontfamily in my code and I have to add [Mapping=tex-text] to it: \frees[Mapping=tex-text]{FreeSans} \newfontfamily\sfpro[Mapping=tex-text]{Source Sans Pro} Now to works :-) Thanks – The OMH Mar 26 at 0:26
  • If you found an answer, please post it as an official answer in the answer section below and accept it. That way other people with a similar problem can benefit from this post. – moewe Mar 26 at 4:38

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