Is there a way to use only the symbol from the integral of the package euler without loading the whole package?

Thanks in advance!


In the modern toolchain, with unicode-math, you can download the Neo Euler font and write:

\setmathfont[range = {\int, \oint}, Scale = MatchUppercase]{euler.otf}

With the legacy type 1 fonts, look up the symbol in appendix D of the amsfonts manual. The \int symbol is in the font euex, and we see that the display-style \int is in slot "5A and the text-style \int in slot "52. Therefore, we can load this font as a math alphabet and select the appropriate style using \mathchoice.



\( \displaystyle\int\ldots \) \\
\( \textstyle\int\ldots \) \\
\( \int_{\int_{\int}} \ldots \)

Euler integrals

And likewise for \oint if you need it.

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