I have tried to add a section title to my multiple pages pdfpages in the appendix. However, my attempt was wrong, as it now creates a new section title for every page of the included (multiplepages) pdf.

What I would like to achieve is only one heading as section title for 1 included pdf, regardless of the amount of pages.

Maybe someone has an idea how to achieve that?

\usepackage[left=2.50cm, right=2.50cm, top=2.50cm, bottom=2.00cm]{geometry}
\renewcommand{\thesection}{\Alph{section}} %A

Reference picture: Reference

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    Basically I was able to find a workaround, although it does not really appear to be a pretty solution: \includepdf[pages=1,scale=0.7,pagecommand=\thispagestyle{plain}\section{Auszug aus archivierter Website \textsc{Twitch Film}}]{KoreanWeeklyNews.pdf} \includepdf[pages=2-,scale=0.7,pagecommand=\thispagestyle{plain}]{KoreanWeeklyNews.pdf} – user168390 Mar 26 '19 at 15:27

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