There are two contents in my TeX: 'toc'(system-defined) and 'toch'(user-defined) as what I show in the below example.



{   \section{#1}
    \addcontentsline{toch}{section}{\protect\numberline{\csname thesection\endcsname}#2}




Here is the situation: I want to to make the title of sections coincides with the user-defined content(toch) while it auto coincides with system-defined content(toc) now.

Is there any way to control the process of '\addcontentsline{toc}' in command '\section' artificially? Like to make some '\renewcommand' to prevent the autogeneration of 'toc'?

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    Welcome. Could you please add a minimal example? – user156344 Mar 26 at 12:37
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    I really don't understand what you want to achieve. Would you please clarify? – Andreas Storvik Strauman Mar 27 at 6:38
  • Do you want to change the behavior of \addcontentsline command to your \tableofchcontents? – subham soni Mar 27 at 7:42
  • Yes, but I also need to change the behavior of \addcontentsline command of \section. In conclusion, I want to exchange the content of toc and toch. – 尹海安 Mar 27 at 7:48

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