I am writting my thesis, using the book class. The manuscript is in English, but the first chapter (the introduction) is in French.

I would like to have "Chapitre" instead of "Chapter" written before the chapter title "Introduction" for this chapter, but to keep "Chapter" for the next ones.

I hope my request is clear


It is not necessary that \renewcommand has to be put in the preamble.

\chapter{Name of the first chapter}
\chapter{This is another chapter}

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  • If the first chapter is going to be in French one should probably also load babel to get the hyphenation right. In particular if one uses \begin{otherlanguage}{french}...\end{otherlanguage} the chapter string is automatically translated. – moewe Mar 31 at 15:09
  • @moewe I think you should write your own answer for that. It is a completely new approach. – user156344 Mar 31 at 15:10

babel automatically translates strings such as 'chapter' if you switch languages with the otherlanguage environment. That environment will also make sure that the correct hyphenation rules are loaded. Other multilingual packages (csquotes, biblatex, ...) may also be able to make use of this.





Chapitre 1 French Bonjour

Chapter 2 English Hello

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