I'd like to suggest LaTeX pagebreaks, so that my page won't break right after a headline, but still not make the pagebreak mandatory, leading to blank half-pages in case my document changes.

The commands \pagebreak[3] up to and including strength 3 do not seem to do anything, and strength 4 just inserts a forced pagebreak as in \pagebreak.

Any way to get a suggested pagebreak?

  • Welcome :) could you provide a working example? You can use packages like lipsum to generate "random" text to show what you mean. – Superuser27 Mar 27 at 10:20
  • Sorry, that's fairly difficult, because the last object on that page is a tikzpicture, which refers to a data file. And the example wouldn't really show the problem unless compiled in the same file. I hoped the problem is well-known. – JohnBig Mar 27 at 11:07

You are doing it the right way. For whatever reason TeX comes to the conclusion that nonetheless a pagebreak at this point were not optimal.

Usually TeX preferes a pagebreak right before a heading. If it doesn't do that even despite the \pagebreak[3], you included code that prevents a pagebreak. Something like \enlargethispage{3in}.

Maybe you even provided the wrong papersize, whatever, we can't help you without more information.

By the way, I improve pagebreaks after finishing writing, not during the process.

A nice package to do this is setspace. Playing around with \begin{spacing}{1.0X}, while X = 0-9, often gives a better result without readers even notice the different spacing.

And while we are at it: load the microtype package.

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