I am looking for a workflow to enable 'only Word' people to keep working with their favorite editor while:

  • enabling developpers to use markdown
  • use a robust saving format managable with Git
  • prevent template breaks

So the idea is :

docx --> MD | LaTeX --> docx

This looks right and there are many posts here explaining how to do it with Pandoc in both directions like this one.

But when it comes to complex formating like here:

enter image description here

How to manage it ? There is no complex types in word.

I would like the MD code to look as this pseudo code:

## Interconnection
**Rule RRR-1.01** : it is $MANDATORY to .....
  * It is .....
  * It is necessary to .....
  * One shall .....
  • $MANDATORY would be a kind of macro or type name defined to write 'MANDATORY' in bold and blue color
  • $Precision would be replaced by a HTML definition providing the frame, the icon, etc, and embedding what is indented underneeth.

As far as I know, MD does not support macro definitions, and the Pandoc extended MD does not include such complex formating capabilities, unless by using raw html insertion, what is forbidden for my sweet users.

LaTeX instead of MD would be acceptable for non developper people, provided they don't have to know anything about it (developper people would use only MD --> pdf | docx and no complex formatting). Even a solution like LyX won't be adopted.

I would like to stick to MD and avoid LaTeX if possible to avoid too much training. The solution should work both from docx to MD and from MD to docx.

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    How is this related to LaTeX? Is LaTeX even used in MD to docx conversion? – daleif Mar 27 at 13:01
  • Not directly unless there is no other solution. Besides, there are many posts regarding Pandoc here. It looks the best stack for it. – lalebarde Mar 27 at 13:05
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    If it is never using LaTeX in any of its steps (I don't think it does for docx convertion), then I don't think this is the right place to ask. Not sure where else though. Pandoc is often mentioned here as the pandoc to PDF seems to go over latex. – daleif Mar 27 at 13:12
  • Q) Word >PanDoc > LaTeX > PanDoc > Word A) allowed i.e. Body=TeX – user170109 Mar 27 at 13:28
  • If I can fully avoid most users to know about LaTeX, then it is fully acceptable. Developpers can do it differently since they just need : MD --> PDF. But that mean a process that can translate a word document to LaTeX with complex formating. I am not sure I can find something off-the-shelves. Probably I will need a VBA macro in between to deal with complex formating. So I edit the OP – lalebarde Mar 27 at 15:25

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