I found that the file mathtools.sty is present in the folder:


But when I am trying to use the mathtools package on Texmaker, it gives me error that "mathtools.sty not found".

How do I resolve this error using Terminal?

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    We need to know more about your system. (1) can latex find this on the command line? kpsewhich mathtools.sty, (2) when you get this error in TeXMaker, what is the path to the class your ducument is using (assuming you are using say article.cls). My guess: You have two LaTeX installations, the upsteam TeXLive 2018 plus the Ubuntu TeXLive. You made the PATH change in .bashrc and you are starting TeXMaker using a menu or by double clicking on a .tex file. That will not work. TeXMaker never sees the changes made in bash. It may work if you start texmaker from the command line. – daleif Mar 27 at 14:35
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    ... If texmaker works from the command line, then copy the PATH changing linie from .bashrc to .profile, log put and in again, and see if this helps. If this is the problem, then we have seen it many times before. – daleif Mar 27 at 14:36
  • @daleif You are right. kpsewhich mathtools.sty does not detect the file. I opened texmaker from command line, and tried to use mathtools, but it does not work. – JackT Mar 27 at 15:32
  • The .tex file that I am editing is in my Documents folder. As I am relatively new to Ubuntu, I am not sure how to make changes that you suggested i.e. the path changing lines from .bashhrc to .profile. – JackT Mar 27 at 15:36
  • Regarding two versions of TexLive, I initially had that doubt. So, I completely removed all versions and files of TexLive from the system and reinstalled it. – JackT Mar 27 at 15:50

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