I am doing an old-style flow chart with TiKz, and I am defining my nodes with the \tikzstyle command (example \tikzstyle{startstop} = [rectangle, rounded corners, minimum width=3cm, minimum height=1cm,text centered, draw=black] for the start and stop nodes), but I haven't been able to find or create this figure:The document symbol

It is used to represent documents in flow charts.

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    Welcome to TeX.SE! – Mensch Mar 28 at 2:54

Welcome to TeX-SE! The good news is that this shape is already defined in the shapes.symbols library.

 \node[tape,tape bend top=none,draw,font=\sffamily]{I'm a tape.};

enter image description here

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    I'm a duck. :-) – manooooh Mar 28 at 3:56
  • Thank you, \tikzstyle{io} = [tape, tape bend top = none] works like a charm! – Alejandra Romero Mar 28 at 21:07
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    @AlejandraRomero You're welcome! Please use \tikzset{io/.style={tape, tape bend top = none}} instead, the reason being that \tikzstyle is deprecated. – user121799 Mar 28 at 21:09

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