Can I change footnote symbols with some symbols from phaistos or hieroglf package?

  • I want to have only some of these symbols that I like,
  • The change has to be at the entire document (main text, minipage, tikz-boxes, tcolorbox...)

Thanks in advanced!


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Phaistos Disc symbols, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Linear B and so on, are now also available in unicode fonts, so a fontspec + xelatex/lualatex generic solution is possible, without need of phaistos or hieroglf packages. (Plus also, direct input with utf-8 encoding.)

footnote symbols footnotes

Adapting the MWE by @Henrique at Changing footnote symbols


\setmainfont{Noto Serif}
\newfontface\fphaistos{Noto Sans Symbols}
\newfontface\flinearb{Noto Sans Linear B}
\newfontface\fegyhier{Noto Sans Egyptian Hieroglyphs}
\newcommand\myfna{{\fphaistos 𐇐}}
\newcommand\myfnb{{\fphaistos 𐇝}}
\newcommand\myfnc{{\fphaistos 𐇱}}
\newcommand\myfnd{{\fphaistos 𐇑}}
\newcommand\myfne{{\fphaistos 𐇘}}
\newcommand\myfnf{{\fphaistos 𐇷}}
\newcommand\myfng{{\flinearb 𐂂}}
\newcommand\myfnh{{\fegyhier 𓀀}}

\DefineFNsymbols{myfnsymbols}{% def. from footmisc.sty
text\footnote{a} text\footnote{b} text\footnote{c}
text\footnote{d} text\footnote{e} text\footnote{f}
text\footnote{g} text\footnote{h}

There is now a potential for the footnote marks to carry semantic meaning: see, background history, current issues, developments, related matters, curiosa, and so on. Perhaps as hyperlinks to a wiki structure (in turn, that would make bot-crawling easier when building up a semantic web).

And, with a multiplicity of icons, there is also now even more incentive to use footnotes sparingly, in order not to overburden the reader's cognitive load with TLDR.

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