I'm trying to style my section headers using sectsty, but I can't seem to apply more than one style. This is my code:


If I uncomment the last row, it completely negates that first row. How can I both apply a rules to sections, AND change the font size? Also, how can I do this differently for each section (section, subsection and subsubsection)?

PS: I can't seem to find any documentation on \fontsize, am I using it correctly?

Thanks a bunch!

  • Welcome to TeX SX! With titlesec you can use \titleformat{\section}{...} inside the document. – Bernard Mar 28 at 9:57

\sectionfont will overwrite the default setting AFAIK, so the latter one will make the former one useless. You should put them in the same \sectionfont.

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A documentation on the \fontsize command can be found on Wikibooks.

  • Oh yeah I tried this, but in another order: \sectionfont{\sectionrule{0ex}{0pt}{-1ex}{0.1pt}\fontsize{30}{40}\selectfont} and this doesn't work at all. How come? Thanks btw :)! – Zorobay Mar 28 at 9:53
  • @Zorobay (1) You want the rule to be below, right? So you need to add \fontsize... before it. I also think this is pretty strange. (2) If my answer helps, please mark your question as resolved by clicking the checkmark on the left of the answer. – JouleV Mar 28 at 9:58

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