A legal document requires the indentation format as in Question How can I get legal style indentation on section, subsection, subsubsec.. using titlesec?. I'm using the answer to the related question automatic legal-style indentation in all ((sub)sub)sections.

The issue is with having text on the same line as the subsection number. If I put \subsection{Lorem ipsum bla bla ...}, this breaks the page formatting. My other approach is to modify the @David Carlisle answer by changing \titleformat{\subsection}[block]{}{\thesubsection}{1em}{} to [runin]. However, this produces an ident before the subsection. Here's the code

\usepackage{changepage,lipsum,titlesec}% http://ctan.org/pkg/{changepage,lipsum,titlesec}
\titlespacing*{\subsection} {\leftmargin}{3.25ex plus 1ex minus .2ex}{1.5ex plus .2ex}
\titlespacing*{\subsubsection} {\leftmargin}{3.25ex plus 1ex minus .2ex}{1.5ex plus .2ex}


\section{A section}
\subsection{A subsection}

And here's the result: enter image description here Question: How to get rid of the ident before the subsection?

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\titlespacing*{\subsection} {0em}{3.25ex plus 1ex minus .2ex}{1.5ex plus .2ex}

gives the correct result enter image description here

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