I have some troubles with \includepdf because when I compile the file, the result is one blank page, but not the pdf. I have tried many things, but know I don't know. this is what I wrote : \includepdf[pages=1 ; scale = 1 ; delta=0]{X.pdf} thank you for your help

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    Welcome to TeX.SE! Can you show us a short compilable TeX code resulting in your issue? Please add it to your question ... – Mensch Mar 28 at 15:00
  • It's normally commas between the options, not semicolons. With no options at all, \includepdf{X.pdf} should include the first page. Are you getting any error messages? – Teepeemm Mar 28 at 15:00
  • no error message, but I have the same result with only \includepdf{X.pdf}, only a blank page – Fanny PAUTRAT Mar 28 at 15:17
  • using a reader to open x.pdf what size does it say those pages are – user170109 Mar 28 at 15:55
  • try \includepdf[pages=1,scale=0.5,delta=0 0]{x.pdf} CUT AND PASTE EXACTLY AS I HAVE WRITTEN HERE to see if it will include at half scale then try with scale=1 for comparison main difference is use of commas and delta=0 0 – user170109 Mar 28 at 16:13

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