I'm preparing a package that defines a special environment, let us call it myenv, and within the myenv a command, let us call it \mycom that stacks its arguments the one above the other. So \mycom{x}[y] stacks x above the optional y (if y is not given the command considers y to be {}).

In myenv math makes no sense so I want to simplify the typing by writing y^x (or {y}^{x}) in textmode to mean \mycom{x}[y].
When the myenv closes the meaning of ^ must return to normal.

How can I do this?

  • You mean \mycom{x}[y] to give x above y or vice versa? – user156344 Mar 29 at 6:50
  • When TeX is in math mode it processes the material twice, first making an abstract representation in terms of atoms and fields attached to them, then delivering the actual formatting in terms of boxes and characters. This is not done in text mode, so when y has been scanned, it is out of reach for a following command. But ^{over}[under] is possible. – egreg Mar 29 at 8:02
  • Why don't you try to use the commands from stackengine? – Bernard Mar 29 at 9:48
  • See also \textsuperscript. – John Kormylo Mar 29 at 15:31

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