I am on my first LaTeX homework using winedt. I have just written my hello world code and saved it properly. Now I am wondering which compiling button is the right one to build a PDF file among the five buttons PDFTeXify, PDFLaTeX, PDFTeX, TeXify and LaTeX buttons. How can I differ them?

  • PDFLaTeX is the right one. – user156344 Mar 29 at 12:49
  • Welcome. Its name should contain the "words" "pdf" and "LaTeX"... (LaTeX exports a .dvi file... and I have never used "TeXify") – koleygr Mar 29 at 12:50
  • Googling "Difference of pdfLaTeX and LaTeX" or "Difference of pdfLaTeX and XeLaTeX" gives you tons of things. – user156344 Mar 29 at 13:17

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