The above tex file is to be converted into html. I am using the following command

make4ht filename.tex

However it throws error. The basic question is "Is it possible to convert beamer presentation to html using make4ht?"

  • An off-topic (but I think useful comment): pandoc is a powerful converter (at least for linux) that accepts tex files as input and output. It is not perfect ... But does a good job in many cases. – koleygr Mar 29 at 15:35

There is some support for Beamer in tex4ht, but it seems to be a little bit old - it is dated to 2003. It seems that it doesn't really work anymore, as Beamer changed substantially since that time. For example, it seems to support a slide environment instead of frame.

So it seems that we can just discard the current Beamer support and create a new one. Before it is added to the tex4ht sources, you can use the following beamer.4ht file:


It just fixes basic issues - spurious elements inserted for every page, some missing PGF commands and issues with paragraphs. This version will create just a plain document, without frames. If we want to keep the frames, we can configure them in a .cfg file:

       \HCode{<section class="slide">}\RecallEndP\par\ShowPar
      {\ifvmode\IgnorePar\fi\EndP \HCode{</section>}}
      {} {}
   \Css{section.slide {border:solid black 0.4pt;margin-bottom:1em;}}

This will insert <section class="slide"> element for every frame.


enter image description here

<section class="slide">

    <ul class="itemize1">
    <li class="itemize">
    <li class="itemize">
<!--l. 16--><p class="noindent" >aaa


<section class="slide">

<!--l. 19--><p class="noindent" >bbb


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