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This question is sort-of the opposite of this FAQ.

I am having a .bib file with all the literature I've consulted for my project. Currently (until I have a solution) I use \nocite{*} to print the whole bibliography (using biblatex with biber). But what I want to have is two separate bibliographies: first the regular one with all cited entries and then another one (labeled "further literature") that includes all entries from the .bib file for which there is no citation.

Of course I could use a keyword (e.g. further-literature) and do something like \nocite{*} \printbibliography[keyword={further-literature}]. But I definitely don't want to maintain that list of uncited works manually! That's not how that should be done.

So is there a filter in biblatex that allows to print entries without citations but no entries that do have a citation?

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Both links in the comments by Ulrike Fischer and moewe exactly answer my question.

I don't know why I didn't find them (I did try searching before asking ...), but I suggest marking my question as duplicate.

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