I am using matplotlib and exporting my plots as pfg so I can keep math notation in latex.

I am using elsarticle. Things were working quite well until I switched the template to two columns. In this case the plot is too big and goes beyond the column.

This what I have at the moment:

    \caption{This is my plot}

how can I set width so it works well in both single and double column?

  • Does setting \pgfplotsset{width=0.9\linewidth} in the preamble of your document help? – user121799 May 1 at 5:53

You can either set the width manually relative to the type width with a simple scale box and adjust according to a prefered size

    \scalebox{0.15\typewidth}{\import{./}{example.pgf}} \label{fig:myplot2}
This is simple answer (scale box width manually)
     \caption{This is my plot TWO}

OR set it relative to self adjust to column width

\begin{figure}[htb] % loading oversise as 98% of column width
\resizebox{0.98\columnwidth}{!}{\input{example.pgf}} \label{fig:myplot3} 
This is better answer (resize box width automagically to suit column)
     \caption{This is my plot THREE}
\end {figure}  

enter image description here

  • I would need to try.. but by resizing, will all the text (legends, etc.) will be resized too?. Any way to avoid that? I think I will need to create the charts with the correct double column width – Juan Leni Apr 1 at 4:18
  • Scaling will usually affect fonts etc the method to avoid that is either to import some components separately or use a system such as matplotlib 2 tikz as described here tex.stackexchange.com/questions/165042/… where the full width or half width graphic have the same size text – user170109 Apr 1 at 10:48

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