At the moment i'm writing a text with lots of equations and not less variables. So 'Thank God' for the glossaries-package. To minimize the actual code i added an extra key 'derivative', which resulted in a unexpected behaivour. However, this is conform to the use of the \glsuseri-command.

Question: how can i modify the new key so it mirrors \glssymbol? (meaning: i want that dot above the variable instead of a line through it)




    symbol={\symbfit{V} },
    derivative={\dot{\symbfit{V}} },
    symbol={\dot{\symbfit{V}} },
    user1={\dot{\symbfit{V}} },


Glossary variable ....
\glssymbol{testTarget} \\

in comparison
\glssymbol{test} \\


which results for me in compiled text

  • Try adding \glssetnoexpandfield{derivative} after you define the derivative key or put \glsnoexpandfields before \glsaddkey. – Nicola Talbot Mar 30 at 13:26
  • Well, it can be so simple sometimes - Thank you very much! PS now i found the related section the glossary doc ^^# (if you know what you're looking for i guess its always easy) – Venez Mar 30 at 13:44

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