My document has following structure:

1. First section
   a. Lorem
   b. Ipsum
2. Second section

Note that \thesubsection is defined without including \thesection. Or in other words, subsection numbering do not include their parent-section number (i.e. it is "b. Ipsum" and not "1.b. Ipsum").

That's great, because I want it like this.


Say I create a label in subsection Ipsum. When I refer to it, I get "b.". However, I would like to get "1.b.", i.e. the subsection's reference plus its parent's too.


How to get the "full reference" of a subsection, when \thesubsection do not include section's number?


enter image description here

  \section{First section}
  \section{Second section}
    The subsection titled "Ipsum" is Subsection \ref{sec:ipsum}.
    However, I would like it to be referred to as "Subsection 1.b".
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    try \makeatletter \def\p@subsection{\thesection.} \makeatother. I think this is aleardy asked here. – touhami Mar 31 at 18:28
  • @touhami This indeed solves my question, thank you. I'm quite sure too, that I am not the first one to ask this question… yet I haven't found the duplicate by myself (as I'm not quite sure the terms of what I was asking). I'd be happy to close/forward my question towards a more relevant one, though! – ebosi Mar 31 at 18:36
  • @touhami I guess How to make \ref display only subsection details it, yet I think "future-me" would still prefer an answer containing you code snippet (-; – ebosi Mar 31 at 18:39

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