I'm trying to import some diagrams I made using Tikz into Inkscape. However, whilst the text displays fine, the symbols seem to change when they are converted into the SVG. Most notably, '-' turns into '<=', among others. I've attached an example below.

I figured it was likely the fonts, but I've made sure to download all the computer modern fonts, and looking at the embedded fonts in the pdf (CMMI10, CMMI7, CMR7, CMSY7), I definitely have all of them -- so I have no idea why they aren't rendering correctly.

I've attached a minimal example:


The correct rendering in texmaker:

Correct Rendering

Incorrect in Inkscape:

Incorrect rendering

  • I've changed it to be a minimal example now, complete with code. The pdf was generated using texmaker. – as646 Mar 31 at 21:53
  • Which method did you use to compile and input the result? Which operating system? When I try your example with pdflatex in Ubuntu it works fine, even though I don't have the CM fonts installed (Inkscape substitutes with the default sans serif font, which apparently has the theta character and the correct -). You could also try one of the methods at superuser.com/questions/315270/generating-svg-from-latex-tikz or tex.stackexchange.com/questions/51757/… or maybe stackoverflow.com/a/22407621. – Marijn Apr 1 at 9:56
  • 1
    I have been using pdflatex in OSX. I ended up getting it working by using the Inkscape "Poppler/Cairo import" versus the Internal import. – as646 Apr 2 at 8:53
  • 1
    If you want you can post your solution as a self-answer below (with a bit of detail, maybe a screenshot), it might help future visitors. – Marijn Apr 2 at 13:22

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