I am using nomencl package to build nomenclature and a list of abbreviations. I want to make the list of abbreviations to appear on a different page than the nomenclature. How do I make this happen?

The snippet:

%% This removes the main title:
%% this modifies item separation:
%% this part defines the groups:
  \ifstrequal{#1}{A}{List of Abbreviations}{}}%
]\vspace{10pt}} % this is to add vertical space between the groups.
\nomenclature[A]{IVGTF}{Integration of Variable Generation Task Force}
\nomenclature[A]{AF}{Availability Factor} 


\nomenclature[N]{$u_t^c$}{Unit status for charging mode (1 is ON and 0 is OFF).}
\nomenclature[N]{$E_{t}^s$}{Level of energy in the storage unit at time t.}

However, both list of abbreviations and nomenclature being printed. How do I make each one of them appear in their place?

Thank you for your help in advance.

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    nomencl is for one list. One could perhaps hack something but it would be better to use e.g. glossaries which has dedicated code for more than one list. – Ulrike Fischer Apr 1 at 8:42

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