I would like to make presentation in beamer with the below desired output: Desired output

There is no MWE as I cannot figure out how to do this. Help me out...

Edit 1: I would also like to have a caption for this figure. Also, is it possible to do this kind of animation with equation too?


A short example to give you something to start with:




\node {\includegraphics[width=.5\textwidth]{example-image}};
\node[visible on=<2>] (a) at (4,-2) {text};
\draw[<-,red,visible on=<2>] (0,1) -- (a);


enter image description here

  • thanks a lot again looking at my issue and giving me a starting point. But, could you please let me know how the co-ordinates (4,-2) & (0,1) are assigned? – sreeraj t Apr 3 at 6:18
  • @sreerajt They give the position of the text and the end point of the arrow (the other site of the arrow will automatically start at the position of the text, which is named (a)). I just randomly used some coordinated to demonstrate the mechanism, adjust them to whatever you need for your real image. – user36296 Apr 3 at 8:24
  • Thank you for the reply.. – sreeraj t Apr 3 at 11:14
  • How to give caption to this figure? I could not do it in usual way, so I modified the code like this: \end{tikzpicture} {\center Caption} Also, is it possible to do this with equation? I wrote a code \begin{frame} \begin{tikzpicture} \node{ \begin{equation*} (A-B)(C-D)\left[1-\frac{E}{F}\right]=0 \end{equation*}}; \node[visible on=<2>] (a) at (4.5,-2.5) {$\Omega_H=0.65$Hz}; \draw[<-,red,visible on=<2>] (1.0,-0.4) -- (a); \end{tikzpicture} \end{frame} I am getting error message "Missing $ inserted. \end{frame}". – sreeraj t Apr 4 at 3:49
  • @sreerajt If you have new questions, please use the "Ask question" button on the top right – user36296 Apr 4 at 7:54

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