I am new in latex. I am having problem in citing multiple paper/research work at a time. I have explained it below.

In IEEE format research paper, we usually cite multiple references like this.

Soundex is a nice algorithm [3,4,19].

Or sometimes,

Soundex is a nice algorithm [3][4][19].

However, recently I am working on journal. They said, they allowed only Author's name and date style citation. Such as,

This is a single citation (John 2012).

However, they did not mention how to cite multiple references at a time. I need some idea, how to cite multiple references at a time in Name Date format.

In case you need, I have added some code from template.

\bibitem[\protect\citename{Chaudhuri }2001]{ref01}
  Chaudhuri, B.B., “Reversed word dictionary and phonetically similar word grouping based spellchecker to Bangla text”, Proc. LESAL Workshop,Mumbai, 2001.
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    Usually, \cite{ref01,ref02} should work and give a reasonable output. But what exactly happens depends on your citation/bibliography package. – moewe Apr 2 at 6:10

I use the natbib package


When I need to cite several articles, I use

\cite[]{DeAyala2009, Reckase2009}


\cite{DeAyala2009, Reckase2009}

depending whether you want the output in brackets or not.

At the end of the document, I provide a link to the bib file


  • Instead of using empty brackets the natbib documentation recommends not to use \cite at all and instead recommends \citet or \citep. \cite is only kept around for backwards compatibility reasons. – moewe Apr 2 at 9:29

It really depents on citation/bibliography package, but a few examples using biblatex are:

\textcite{ref1,ref2} did a great job doing whatever they did

Author1 (year) and Author2 (year) did a great job doing whatever they did

Other people did well too \parencite{ref3,ref4}

Other people did well too (Author3 (year); Author4 (year))

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