I'm working with this template. I can't seem to figure out how to remove some of the unwanted boxes, e.g. under the Abstract, there's a grey box that reads "Add new section about results in Chapter 4" or under Appendix A there's a white box with black border that reads "sec:first-app". I've fiddled with the code in main.tex and style.sty, but can't seem to locate the source(s) of these boxes. I'm wondering if these boxes are associated with varioref and hyperref.


The grey box in the abstract comes from the following line

\todo[inline]{Add new section about results in \cref{sec:fourth}.}

in the code of abstract.tex:

\abstractintoc % Add abstract to Table of Contents  
\abstractnum   % Format abstract like a chapter
               % Remove if abstract should not be on its own page

    \kant[1] % Dummy text
    \todo[inline]{Add new section about results in \cref{sec:fourth}.}

with the result:


To get rid of this line and the others simply delete/comment the line(s) with command \todo ...

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