I am using MikTex and WinEdt on a Windows machine.

I am writing a book and right now I have it structured with chapters, sections etc. I want to add parts. Here is my main file

    \documentclass[12pt,reqno]{book}      % Sets 12pt font, equation numbers on right
\usepackage{amsmath,amssymb,amsfonts} % Typical maths resource packages
\usepackage{graphics}                 % Packages to allow inclusion of graphics
\usepackage{color}                    % For creating coloured text and background


\lstloadlanguages{SAS, R}


    PROC, QUANTREG, proc, quantreg, data,class,model% add SAS keywords here

\usepackage[colorlinks,citecolor=blue,linkcolor=blue]{hyperref}                 % For creating hyperlinks in cross references. It should be after the color package. The option colorlinks produces colored entries without boxes. The option citecolor=blue changes the default green citations to blue.



\parindent 1cm
\parskip 0.2cm
\topmargin 0.2cm
\oddsidemargin 1cm
\evensidemargin  0.5cm
\textwidth 15cm %12cm %use 15 in final
\textheight 21cm

\def\R{\mathbb{ R}}
\def\S{\mathbb{ S}}
\def\I{\mathbb{ I}}

\fancyhead[LE,LO]{Chapter \thechapter}


\title{The General Linear Model: Assumptions, violations and remedies or What to do when your dependent variable won't behave}
\author{\htmladdnormallink           % Puts a hyperlink on to the author's name
{Peter Flom}{http://www.statisticalanalysisconsulting.com}\\
{\small\em \copyright 2019 }}

 \date{ }


        \input{titlepage}% that contains    \begin{titlepage}...\end{titlepage}  THIS ISN'T WORKING RIGHTT
        %\input{copyright}% that contains copyright, ISBN, etc.
     %   \input{dedication}% saying "this book is created for my parents..."
     %   \input{author}% about the author

% Do not put an {\tt end{document}} command at the end of chapter files;
% just one such command is needed at the end of the book.

%\part{Introductory material}
   \include{General_thoughts} %on modeling
%\part{Problems with independent variables
   \include{Outliers} %and influential points
%\part{Problems with dependent variables
%\part{Nonlinear relationships}
    \include{Nonlinear_relationships}  %Break this into several chapters

  \include{Nonnormal_errors} %quantile regression
   %\include{app1} %ANOVA is linear reggression
   %\include{app2} %Matrix notation




This works fine. However, when I uncomment the \part commands it comes out exactly the same way. Do I need to \include the parts and then have chapters within parts? That would ruin a lot of the utility of \include.

  • Oh. Sheesh. Closing the argument made the whole thing work. The weird thing is that, without that } it still compiled and produced output! Thanks.
    – Peter Flom
    Apr 7 '19 at 20:53

Compiling your sample (commenting out the references to files I don't have), I get the error:

Runaway argument?
{Problems with independent variables \chapter {Outliers} \chapter {Co\ETC.
! File ended while scanning use of \@xdblarg.
<inserted text> 

Searching for "Problems with independent variables" in your sample shows that you have \part{Problems with independent variables but you don't close the argument (hence, "Runaway argument"). Also, the next \part command isn't closed.

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