I was looking for an example here about setting the lengh of the command \underline. I'm trying to produce a text on top of a line with 10cm fixed length, with text of variable size. In addition the text should be left aligned (not centered as the examples founded here produce) Here's a minimal example. Thank you.

\documentclass[a4paper,brazil, 12pt]{report}
\usepackage{tikz, tkz-euclide}


\usepackage{eqparbox, ulem}



    \noindent (line 1) $\mathbf{u+w=v+w},$

    \noindent (line 2) $\mathbf{u+w=v+w},$

    \noindent (line 3)  $\mathbf{u+w=v+w},$

    \noindent (line 4)  $\mathbf{u+w=v+w},$

    \noindent (line 5)  $\mathbf{u+w=v+w},$

    \noindent (line 6)  $\mathbf{u+w=v+w},$

    \underline{text here (in front of line 1) \hspace{4cm}}

    \underline{more text here (in front of line 2) \hspace{3cm}}

    \noindent \ulmakebox{\noindent(in front of line 3)}

    \wideunderline[10cm]{\noindent text here (in front of line 4)}

    \begin{tikzpicture} %\without text line in front of line 5
    \draw (0,0) to (10,0);

    \begin{tikzpicture} %\without text line in front of line 6
    \draw (0,0) to (10,0);


Not sure what's the problem. Use the [l] option for \makebox.





(line 1) \wideunderline[10cm]{text here}

(line 2) \wideunderline[10cm]{text here with a p}


enter image description here

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