I am eperimenting with the glossaries-extra package and use bib2gls. Currently every abbreviation used in my document via \gls (for example \gls{gpu}) shows the full form on first use (that I like) but also generates an entry in the glossary, even if the abbreviation is used only exactly once.

Reading the documentation and usage guides on glossaries and glossaries-extra have not helped me in this regard. From my previous experience, the package acro has a package option single=true to achieve this but maybe you have a solution before I consider switching (at least for abbreviations).


Is it possible to omit single uses of abbreviations from the glossary (shown via \printunsrtglossaries for example)?

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I have found a way to filter the output of \printunsrtglossaries via the printunsrtglossaryhandler hook.

This particular solution requires the bib2gls with the extra parameter --record-count: bib2gls --record-count <filename>.

Adding this to the preamble will then filter by record count:


EDIT: A significant drawback is the compilation failure in case the resulting glossary is empty.

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