\usepackage[vmargin={0.6cm,0.6cm}, hmargin={0.6cm,0.6cm}]{geometry}
\usepackage{makeidx, marvosym, pifont, blindtext, calc}
\usepackage{graphicx, paracol, tcolorbox, mdframed, framed}
\tcbuselibrary{breakable, documentation, external, fitting,
    hooks, listings, magazine, most, poster, 
    raster, skins, theorems, vignette, 
    enhanced jigsaw,
    equal height group=boxe,

enter image description here

  • Welcome to TeX-SE! Please explain your question a bit more. What do you want to achieve? How to make groups equal height after break …? is not self-explaining. – marmot Apr 4 at 4:59
  • look at the picture... – coy71121 Apr 4 at 11:08
  • How to make two boxes same height.... – coy71121 Apr 4 at 11:10

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