I am using apacite, but there are some discrepancies between the result and the style I want for journal submission. I copied the apacite.bst file and made some changes to make full names show up. But I also want to take commas and dots out, and have the second author's name in first name last name order.

Bellows, John, & Miguel, Edward. (2009). War and local collective action in sierra leone. Journal of Public Economics , 93 (11-12), 1144–1157

I want:

Bellows, John & Edward Miguel (2009) War and Local Collective Action in Sierra Leone. Journal of Public Economics 93 (11-12), 1144–1157

How should I change apacite.bst?

In the preamble I have:

\documentclass[12pt, letterpaper]{article}
\usepackage[margin = .75in]{geometry} 
\captionsetup[subfloat]{position = top, font = large}

For bibliography I have



    Author = {Bellows, John and Miguel, Edward},
    Date-Added = {2019-03-06 15:18:47 -0800},
    Date-Modified = {2019-03-06 15:19:30 -0800},
    Journal = {Journal of Public Economics},
    Number = {11-12},
    Pages = {1144--1157},
    Publisher = {Elsevier},
    Title = {War and local collective action in Sierra Leone},
    Volume = {93},
    Year = {2009}}
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    I'm not sure modifying apacite is the simplest way to go here, since the proper APA style it implements is quite specific and in some ways idiosyncratic. Is biblatex an option? If so, it would probably be a faster way to get what you want. – Alan Munn Apr 4 at 3:31
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    I found some answers here: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/376714/… so I will close this question soon. – user2298759 Apr 4 at 4:25

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