Following the advice of this link, I added the package tocloft to my KOMAScript-based template to create an independent "list of" elements of a given class.

It works like a charm, but it seems tocloft has a side effect: the format of my main table of contents changed. It looks arguably pretty, but it seems to override my KOMA settings.

(I even added the option titles to my tocloft import to solve a similar problem with the headers, but I could not find an equivalent for the TOC format.)

My question is actually one of these two:

  • Is there a way to tell tocloft that it should not mess with the TOC?
  • Is there another package that allows to define custom "lists of" (i.e., tables of contents with arbitrary entries)?
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    You should not use tocloft with a KOMA-Script class. KOMA-Script uses tocbasic which provides new lists with \DeclareNewTOC and several other commands. See the KOMA-Script manual for more information, i.e., a complete example. – Schweinebacke Apr 4 at 15:37

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