I need to answer my assignment in latex with a

Assignment 1a 
Assignment 1b
Assignment 1c
Assignment 2a
Assignment 2b

I have tried to use the \section*{}, but referencing then doesn't work. Is there another way of being able to have a section and subsection with numbers and letters as shown above?

  • Thank you :-) Could you give an example? Would be most appreciated! – jubibanna Apr 4 at 22:20

Here's a simple way to do it, with no package just using \section and an assignment environment. Since this abuses the \section command, it's not usable within a document that also requires regular sections, but the approach could be adapted use \subsection instead.

\section{First sub assignment}
\section{Second sub assignment}
\section{Third sub assignment}
\section{First sub assignment}
\section{Second sub assignment}

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