I know the todonotes package gives me nolist option when calling \todo in order to hide a given entry from the \listoftodos.

However, I can't find a way in the documentation to do the opposite of this. I'd like to add an entry to the list without having something appear later on where I place the \todo itself. Is this possible?

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You have two possibilitys:

  1. You can print all text in the margin completely in white with

      \todo[linecolor=white, backgroundcolor=white,bordercolor=white, textcolor=white]{#1}%
  2. You can fool todonotes and create the entry in the list of to dos by your own:


With the following complete code



\newcommand{\mytodo}[1]{% <==========================================
  \todo[linecolor=white, backgroundcolor=white,bordercolor=white, textcolor=white]{#1}%

\newcommand{\mysectodo}[1]{% <=======================================



test \todo[inline]{some fixme notes about this text 1}
\todo{some fixme notes about this text 2}
\mytodo{some fixme notes about this text 3} % <================
\textbf{test} \blindtext
\mysectodo{some fixme notes about this text 4} % <=============
\emph{test} \blindtext
\todo{some fixme notes about this text 5}


you get the result:


As you can see in the image above (yellow part, marked with 3) the \mytodo is not visable, but it tooks place (*could be a problem with more \todos). Marked with 4 you can see the place where I added command \mysectodo. It needs no place in the margin, but writes the entry in the list of todos ...

  • Bummer! I wish this weren't so hacky, but it'll do. Thanks! Apr 7, 2019 at 15:09

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