I created shortcuts in TexStudio for the arrow keys (Ctrl+J, Ctrl+L, Ctrl+I, Ctrl+K for Left, Right, Up, Down) so that I can keep my fingers on the homerow keys, rather than moving them to the bottom-right of the keyboard everytime I want to move my cursor.

The shortcuts work fine in the editor, however, when the auto-completion suggestion box pops up I can't use the shortcuts to go up and down the selections. I need to use the regular arrow keys again.

Is there a way to remap the up and down arrow keys so that they work in the editor AND within the auto-completion suggestion box? Thanks!

  • Welcome to TEX.SE. I think it is better to ask that for developers here. But, if you type few letters more, the completion should accurate and then simply press return. – Sigur Apr 6 at 18:58
  • Ok, I will post my question there. Thank you for the suggestion. – tundra Apr 7 at 1:10

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