I would like to put a logo on the top of the page in the left sidebar of Hannover theme in Beamer. How to do that? I came across a few answers, but I have been unable to get them to work:

  1. Place two logo on top right and top left in beamer presentation: Answer is too complicated, and my requirement is for only one logo.
  2. Positioning logo in the front page as well as slides: Logo overlays the short title and author name in the sidebar.
  3. How to remove the sidebar but keep the upper-left logo in the beamer 'sidebar' outer theme?: Using a headline breaks the color of the sidebar.
  4. How to put logo at the top (header side) of title page in beamer (theme warsaw)?: Same problem with the headline as the above.
  5. Beamer: How To Include Logo In Every Slide?: Doesn't work, even with \usebeamertemplate*{logo}, as given in the user guide
  6. sidebar logo width: Places the logo at the bottom of the sidebar, I want it at the top.
  7. \usetheme[logo]{Hannover} compiles, but the logo is not visible.
  • Why do you not show us a short compilable tex code you have so far? Then we can see what you are doing and have not to guess ... – Mensch Aug 25 '19 at 11:15

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