I am trying to make reference using APA style (apacite) with bibtex. The User guide that I want to add on is not computational software manual. It is manual for flow sensor. So I wanna take out [Computational software manual] in the reference list. But, I dont know how to take it out. Is there any method to edit or remove it?

Here is reference file.

author = {{OMEGA Engineering}},
title = {User's {G}uide for {FLR}1000/1000{BR}/1000{ST} {S}eries {F}low 
{S}ensors \& {M}eters For {L}iquids},
organization={OMEGA Engineering inc.},

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For entries of type @manual, the apacite citation management package and associated bibliography style let you specify an extra field called type. If the type field is not specified explicitly, it's default value is (as you've found out) "Computer software manual". If you want to show just "Manual" (in square brackets), you add the field


to the entry. See p. 30 of the user guide of the apacite package for more information.

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author = {{OMEGA Engineering}},
title  = {{User's Guide for FLR1000\slash 1000BR\slash 
           1000ST Series Flow Sensors \& Meters for 
year   = {2005},
organization={OMEGA Engineering inc.},
url    = {https://assets.omega.com/manuals/M4574.pdf},
type   = {Manual},


  • One more thing: I you want to suppress the type of the manual entirely, just change the entry type from @manual to @misc (and, of course, don't specify a type field). – Mico Apr 6 at 11:22
  • Thanks for your comment! It works well. By the way, any specific reason to suppress the type of the manual? – Je Young Kim Apr 6 at 12:06
  • @JeYoungKim - The extra suggestion was meant to address your objective, "So I wanna take out [Computational software manual] in the reference list". It's not my business to second-guess your reasons. – Mico Apr 6 at 12:11

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