I'm having a problem with makeindex -g, quoting, and using Y':

I create two index entries like this:


(with \newcommand{\main}[1]{\textbf{#1}})

This generates these .idx entries:


To use -g (I also use -r), I've set up an index style using quote '\'' (and some more formatting). This seems to mess with having ' in the index entries, while makeindex (version 2.15 [TeX Live 2017] (kpathsea + Thai support)) does not print an error related to it.

The output in .ind is:

  \item Farbmodell
    \subitem $YC_BC_R$\hspace{1em}\dotfill\hspace{1em}\main{43}
  \item Y@$Y$\hspace{1em}\dotfill\hspace{1em}\see{Luma}{43}

So the ' got lost in the first output, and Y@ is being displayed for the second. Unfortunately I have no idea how to fix it (the set of usable quote characters seems quite limited).

I case this matters, here's my document preamble:


If you set the quote character to ', then you have to quote it when using it in an index entry.

Here's a schematic solution. The filecontents* environment is just to make the example self-contained. If the current directory contains a file with the same name as the main TeX file and extension .mst, this one will be automatically used by MakeIndex.

File main.tex

quote '\''



\providecommand{\main}[1]{#1} % I don't know what \main should do


Some text




File main.idx


File main.ind (after running MakeIndex)


  \item Farbmodell
    \subitem $Y'C_BC_R'$, \main{1}


  \item $Y'$, \see{Luma}{1}



enter image description here

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  • You find the definition of |main below the first code block in the question, but it's irrelevant to the problem anyway. – U. Windl Apr 8 '19 at 12:21
  • I searched my candidates in Emacs using \\index{[^}]*'[^}]*}, and it worked perfectly! – U. Windl Apr 8 '19 at 19:15

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