Jabref 3.8.2 has a tab with Deprecated fields including the field Month.


The Biblatex documentation 3.12 still describes the field month and I could not find a sign of deprecation:

Section 2.3.9 Months and Journal Issues

Was it wrong by Jabref to call month deprecated? Is there a misunderstanding?


Depends on your definition of 'deprecated', I'd say. The biblatex documentation does not literally say month (or year, where the situation is the same) is deprecated.

But the documentation of the year field ends with

It is however better to use the date field as this is compatible with plain years too and supports many more features.

and similarly the documentation for month says

It is however better to use the date field as this supports many more features.

To me that seems sufficient reason for JabRef to place both of these fields in the 'deprecated' section and prefer date instead when it is in biblatex mode.

It is unlikely that year and month will cease to work in biblatex, because that would be a backwards compatibility nightmare. But as far as I am concerned I'd definitely recommend date over year and month (if you don't need compatibility with classic BibTeX).

The next version of biblatex will have slightly more explicit advice on year/month vs date in the docs: https://github.com/plk/biblatex/commit/7d7c682f9ec7f06aadd4f176dcfcdadb9afe33ea

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