When I requested recently MiKTeX console to update my installation (portable version on Win10) I noticed that not all packages that have been updated in the package database are recognized to be updated. Latest examples are babel, fira, l3kernel. These are not experimental packages, are they? Can somebody confirm that observation?

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    In the old days MikTeX would give certain system infrastructure packages preferential treatment which meant that one had to run the updater twice to get a fully updated system. I haven't seen that behaviour lately, but I don't know if it is still there. With a normal install there is always the issue of User v Admin mode, but I'm not sure if that is relevant for a portable install. How exactly do you know the packages were supposed to be updated but aren't? Do you maybe have local files not controlled by this MikTeX that have precedence over MikTeX-installed files? – moewe Apr 8 at 6:46
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    MikTeX package repository is not updated everyday, therefore the most recent MikTeX update could not contain the most recent CTAN version of last updated packages. You can see at miktex.org last update date, if desired packages where updated on CTAN later, you'll have to wait for next MikTeX update or install the package yourself.. – Ignasi Apr 8 at 7:33
  • @moewe. I have no local files. I checked the updates via the 'Packages' dialog in MikTeX console. Also after synchronizing the local package database. In this case, the column 'Packaged on' contains dates that is newer the one in column 'Installed on'. Yes, I noticed that during the last 15 days or so I got only binary files as updates. But I'm convinced that I should have got the others meanwhile as well. – tfran Apr 8 at 9:01
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    I can confirm a similar odd set of dates i.e. babel in my case installed last November is not confirmed as updated to match 04/04 package taking a simple example Polyglossia is shown but not confirmed as 06/04/19 the folder is the date I first installed and ALL the contents are now a year old as dated 07/04/18 thus the update was not triggered otherwise I would have accepted – KJO Apr 8 at 10:35
  • Thanks for confirmation. Is that issue worth to be added to the MiKTeX bug tracker? – tfran Apr 8 at 10:45

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