I'm writting my thesis and I want to wrap figures so I use the \usepackage{graphicx,wrapfig,lipsum}. In the material and methods I want to put some tables side to side so I use the \usepackage{afloatrow, tabularx, makecell} packages but especially the afloatrow messes up the figure wrapping. Any way I can get around it?


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    welcome to tex.se! please show us short example of your document (beginning with \documentclass{...}, with necessary preamble and ending with \end{document with some dummy text and combination of image and table.so far it is very difficult to imagine, what you try so far and what is your problem. – Zarko Apr 8 at 14:14

To see if these help you get started, take a look at the following links

Different float types side-by-side


side by side table

My preferred method for side by side tables is to use minipage around each tabularx. These are located within a table. Go to the CTAN web site to look at various packages and read the manuals for examples.

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    this is rather comment than answer ... – Zarko Apr 8 at 14:15

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