Using AMSMATH's gather environment I can subnumber equations, hoewever I am also losing the alignment at the "=". Is there a way to have both, alignment and subnumbering?



x = a +  b +c \label{eq:gat}\\
sddsdt = a + b + d \tag{\ref{eq:gat}a} \\
yfgfdg = a + b + d \tag{\ref{eq:gat}b}



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    Did you try this approach with align instead of gather? There is nothing special about gather here – daleif Apr 8 at 19:50

Note it is very easy to have a subnumbering like you seem to want, and cross-referencing it



  a = b

    x & = a + b +c\label{eq:gat}\tag{\theequation}\\
    sddsdt & = a + b + d\label{eq:gat1} \\
    yfgfdg & = a + b + d \label{eq:gat2}
We see from \eqref{eq:gat}, \eqref{eq:gat1} and \eqref{eq:gat2} that $1 = 2$.


enter image description here

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    I'd prefer doing \label{eq:gat} after \begin{subequations} and \tag{\ref{eq:gat}} in the first line of the alignment. Cleaner than using \theequation. – egreg Apr 8 at 22:57

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