I want to change the numbering for a the fourth section in IEEEtran document from IV to IIII.

Is there a simple way to do it without setting a counter manually?

Thanks in advance!

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    Why are you doing that? I thought they stopped using IIII hundreds of years ago. – user156344 Apr 9 at 13:06
  • All my latin teachers in school were used to use the IIII "format" and I'll keep it also that way. However that should not be the point of this question. – nicksheen Apr 9 at 13:12
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    Not quite a duplicate (it's not about the section numbering) but how to get iiii instead of iv: Additive Roman Numeral 4. – campa Apr 9 at 13:31
  • thanks for that. but I am still not getting it completely done. I tried to override/renew the command \thesection to \myRomannumeral{\Roman{section}} which fails as if I am calling \section in my document missing number, treated as zero, missing endcsname inserted and extra endcsname occure. – nicksheen Apr 9 at 14:35

Done by:


\NewDocumentCommand \myRomannumeral { m }
    \tl_set:Nx \l_tmpa_tl { \int_to_Roman:n { #1 } }
    \tl_replace_all:Nnn \l_tmpa_tl { IV } { IIII }
    \tl_use:N \l_tmpa_tl

from Additive Roman Numeral 4(thanks to campa linking it!) and added this line:


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