i am using the documentclass article and would like to keep it but i would like to change the page-geometry for every page on the right side (like in a book) to avoid having text in the link. Is there a simple command for this?

Thank you very much

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    You have twoside option of article. – user156344 Apr 9 at 16:05

As @JouleV said, \documentclass[twoside]{article} do the job. If you want something more extreme, you can use changepage package to detect if a page is even or odd. For example, the following code





\section{Odd Page}


\section{Even Page}


\section{Amnother Odd Page}


Produces a radical change between even and odd pages, this could be useful for other purposes, so I give it as an answer, even if the right answer was already given by @JoulV in the comment.

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