I have a glossary section which is styled as

     {\begin{longtable}[l]{@{}p{\dimexpr 3.5cm-\tabcolsep}p{0.8\hsize}}}% <-- change the value here

after adding new values

\newacronym{abc}{abc}{abc def geh}

\newacronym{sec}{sec}{secod entry in glossay}

glossary is shown with

\printglossary[title=\large List of Acronyms, 
type=\acronymtype, nonumberlist, nogroupskip=true, nopostdot, style=mylong]

I want to center align my items but \centering and \begin{center}...\end{center} inside mylong styling has no effect. How can I center align the glossary table on page? I do not want to center align text inside columns but the whole table needs to pad a bit so it appears in the center.

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