Following https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/484079/ I have created a custom BST, based on the apalike bibliographystyle of the natbib package in bibtex.

This custom BST orders references in the bibliography according to this pattern:

(1) Name of first author only

(2) Year of publication

(3) Title of publication

It also sorts all one-author items first, then all two-author items and finally all three-or-more-author items.

The only functional change made to the apalike style applies to FUNCTION {sort.format.names} (ll. 914-934) which gives the above-mentioned pattern and was replaced by:

FUNCTION {sort.format.names}
{ 's :=
  s num.names$ #0 >
       s #1 "{vv{ } }{ll{ }}{  f{ }}{  jj{ }}" format.name$
       s num.names$
       duplicate$ #3 <
         { int.to.str$ * }
           "3" *
    { "" }

(all credit for this function goes to user https://tex.stackexchange.com/users/35864/moewe)

How can I modify this code to get the following sorting pattern:

(1) Name of first author only

(2) Year of publication

(3) Name of all (other) authors

(4) Title of publication


This change will obviously only affect publications with more than one author.

If possible I would prefer to use this custom BST, i. e. a bibtex solution, not a biblatex solution.


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