I am using APA style for my bibliographies (better covering of @film entries than APS). In French humanistic bibliographies, the page number of a book is often required.

I saw on this TEX S.E post a .bib example with some pagetotal field, which surprised me, since this one is not documented in Hans Hagen's and Alan Braslau's "The bibliographies. The ConTeXt way". Anyway, this field is not displayed on my biblios.

How can I tune the APA style to have it displayed? I read the custom rendering chapter of the docs, but couldn't get how to have it done.



   editor = {Martin Ivernel and Benjamin Villemagne and Jean Hubac},
   title = {Histoire Géographie EMC 5\high{ème}, cycle 4},
   publisher = {Hatier},
   address = {Paris},
   year = {2016},
   pagetotal = {398},
   language = {french}
   author = {Geneviève Bührer-Thierry},
   title = {L’Europe carolingienne (714--888)},
   publisher = {SEDES},
   address = {Paris},
   year = {1999},
   pagetotal = {192},
   language = {french}
        editor = {Matthias Puhle and Claus-Peter Hasse},
        title = {Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation 962--1806},
        subtitle = {Von Otto dem Grossen bis zum Ausgang des Mittelalters},
        publisher = {Sandstein Verlag},
        address = {Dresde},
        language = {german},
        pagetotal = {515},
        year = {2006}


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    You can find all supported fields of @book in publ-imp-apa.lua. – Henri Menke Apr 11 at 9:23
  • This means pagetotal is not supported, and there is no optional page field, as stated in the manual. So is there any way to add such an optional field, or should I write to ConTeXt list to ask for it? – sztruks Apr 11 at 9:39
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    You will have to write your own bibstyle. Here is an old thread by me asking how to add an eprint field to @article. The answer was, use the note field or write your own style. mailman.ntg.nl/pipermail/ntg-context/2016/086205.html – Henri Menke Apr 11 at 9:48
  • Ok, I will use the note field and when I have time, create my own style. – sztruks Apr 11 at 9:56
  • @Henri Menke. Could you turn your comment to an answer? – sztruks Apr 14 at 8:37

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