I am hoping someone can help me draw a combined spring-damper in circuitikz, similar to the existing spring and damper components, for use in representing a viscoelastic element.

    \draw (0,0)
    to[spring,*-] (1,0)
    to[damper,-*] (2,0);

circuitikz spring and damper

I imagine it looking something like the attached drawing.

combined spring-damper


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I have added the new component (which, I admit, could be handsomer --- patches welcome) to the pre-release of circuitikz; you can get it and see the manual online here: https://circuitikz.github.io/circuitikz/

The component is something like this:

The correct image

and, more important, I added a sort-of howto on how to define new components.

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