I have the following list with custom labels:

    \item[3.2] I have to manually label items...
    \item[3.5] ...like so...
    \item[3.6] ...and so.

I'm using itemize instead of description because I prefer the alignment of the labels in the former environment. However, I want to make each of my individual labels bold (like in the description environment), but without needing to specify this for each item like in the following code:

    \item[\bfseries 3.2] I have to manually label items...
    \item[\bfseries 3.5] ...like so...
    \item[\bfseries 3.6] ...and so.

How do make these labels bold and avoid the tedium of doing it on an individual basis?

  • That doesn't solve my problem. – J-J Apr 11 at 14:23

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