This is a follow-up question of my previous one: Cross-referencing numeric values and text from later section to executive summary of a latex document

I have finished making my report and now my boss asks to insert an index into the document.I have made a sample as below (the tex file is created using Rmarkdown and pandoc, so it may have some code not needed but incorporated)

\usepackage{fixltx2e} % provides \textsubscript
\ifnum 0\ifxetex 1\fi\ifluatex 1\fi=0 % if pdftex
\else % if luatex or xelatex
% use upquote if available, for straight quotes in verbatim environments
% use microtype if available
\UseMicrotypeSet[protrusion]{basicmath} % disable protrusion for tt fonts
            pdfborder={0 0 0},
\urlstyle{same}  % don't use monospace font for urls
% Scale images if necessary, so that they will not overflow the page
% margins by default, and it is still possible to overwrite the defaults
% using explicit options in \includegraphics[width, height, ...]{}
}{% else
\setlength{\parskip}{6pt plus 2pt minus 1pt}
\setlength{\emergencystretch}{3em}  % prevent overfull lines
% Redefines (sub)paragraphs to behave more like sections

%%% Use protect on footnotes to avoid problems with footnotes in titles

%%% Change title format to be more compact

% Create subtitle command for use in maketitle








\abidx{setosa}, \abidx{versicolor}, \abidx{virginica}

  This is a \ref*{label01}
  Types of flowers: \ref*{label02}
  Types of flowers: \ref*{label03}



\storehide{\abidx{setosa}, \abidx{versicolor}, \abidx{virginica}}{label03}



I create a list of terms and cross-referenced them in other part of the document, what I want to the index each and every one of the terms so that they can be listed in the index part (i.e. cross-referencing label03), but it is not working.

What have I done wrong? Thanks!

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