It would like to call the kdb command from Elektra from within LaTeX documents and use its output to write LaTeX conditionals.

Ideally, I would like to have something like:


user/tests/examples is \kdb{user/tests/examples}


        {key value is empty}%
        {key value is not empty}

        {key is present}%
        {key is not present}

% should play well with standard xifthen features (like equal):
        {not something}

What I tried so far:


\def \var {\input|"kdb sget user/tests/examples 0"}

X\var{}X %works but adds additional spaces

\ifthenelse{\isin{0}{\var}}% does not work

\ifthenelse{\equal{\var}{1}}% does not work
        {is 1}%
        {is not 1}

\ifthenelse{\isempty{\var}}}% does not work
        {not empty}

Unfortunately I get "undefined control sequence" errors, except for the conditionals which use isin and isempty, which always return false.

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